About Us

Early Stage Investment Company

Bizthusiasm is an early stage investment company based in Prague, Czech Republic established in 2012. We are often founding partners and execution is in our DNA. Bizthusiasm helps entrepreneurs not only with funding for their companies but also provides hands-on team and experience wherever needed. We started with focus on our home market, Czech Republic, but expanded to CEE and Europe as a whole. Bizthusiasm was founded by Tomáš Čupr, entrepreneur and founder of Slevomat and DameJidlo.cz.



Promising Companies We Invested In


GMV Growth Of Portfolio Companies
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 +405% +57% +44% +42% +70%


Prague Office

Bizthusiasm a.s.
Pobřežní 394/12
Prague, CZ

Amsterdam Office

Bizthusiasm B.V.
Koningslaan 17
Amsterdam, NL